Self care tips at work

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Making an excuse of not getting time for taking caring of yourself, losing the body shape and posture and mental stress is definitely not your fault. You have been programmed in such a way and made yourself available 24X7 amongst the hustle bustle culture of work. So shut your availability for some hours in a day and give some time of TLC (tender, love and care) in your routine.

Incorporate some de-stressing techniques to recuperate your mind, body and soul.

1. Streamline agendas: When the things go pre-planned, life becomes easy. Make a task list and time them accordingly. Think of those specific responsibilities at work that stresses you and find reasons to cure it better.

2. Ask for feedback: Sometimes you stress more when you don’t know where you stand, whether you’re doing well at work, or if your performance is lagging behind others. Plan out a meeting where you can sit across your manager and restructure things that can be improved and discuss you concerns.

3. No means No: Say it like you mean it! Yes, is an easy way but can turn out to be difficult at some point of time, therefore in those difficult time, say No and stop being a pleaser. You don’t have to say yes to everything, because time is money, control and save it. Saying No to a happy hours, lunch party, brunch meetings, will not fetch negativity or make you a bad person, rather it shows how obligated and loyal you are towards your work.

4. Take a break: Take small breaks to vent out to a friend you trust and allow the same in return. Believe me, this work! Having a work bae is a blessing and the best way of self-care. And if you don’t have anyone like that, WRITE, WRITE and WRITE… Keep a journal where you can vent your feelings and everything that bothers you. Take breaks for grabbing coffee instead of asking it at your desk, stretch your legs and walk through. Do some yoga and exercise that can be done sitting on the chair.

5. Take Vacations:  Twice or at least once in a year take a leave for few days or plan an outing on long weekends. This is the best way to detox your body and soul, where you can put your alarm on snooze and enjoy with your friends or family. Be unavailable at work. Seriously everything is fine at work! Turn off email notifications and stop responding to the texts and emails instantly, your office can live without you. It is your special time to disconnect and relax. Same goes for when you are sick.

6. Celebrate: Did you crack a Deal? Winded up a major project? Hired someone new? Yes, these can be some of the reason to celebrate and pop that champagne bottle you saved for the special occasion. This will pump up the morale of the staff and make you contented and happy too.

Take a break, rest and recover!

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