Color You Wear: What they Say About You?

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“What if I told you that the ideal artist to inspire, nurture, and soothe Queen Latifah was Renoir, whereas Madonna was more of a Rembrandt girl? Or if I told you that the perfect floral arrangement for Hilary Swank would include lots of deep green leaves, while Penelope Cruz’s unique style is best set off by flaming red poinsettias? Even if your wardrobe is filled with clothes of a variety of colours and shades, there is always the colour that you give a greater preference to because you feel more comfortable and confident in it. It is the very colour that reflects your character”, says famous stylist and author of the book, Color Your Style by David Zyla.

Colours you wear convey great influence on your mood and how others feel about you. There comes a situation where these colours project the vibe of your emotion and feeling, whether it is a stressful one or where you want to boast confidence.

When you want to be taken seriously: LBV Black

Black is perceived as a colour of seriousness, ambitiousness and intelligence. If you are going for a presentation, black will justify the confidence and project attention towards your personality. “So, get the eyes on you” , “because Women You’re Worth It”!

To Show off the Confidence at an Interview: LBV Blue

Blue brings out the confidence and reliability when you are appearing for an interview. Interviewers tend to associate this colour with tranquillity, calmness, intelligence, trust and a sign of positivity. These are indeed the most common features, an interviewer checks when he hires someone. Rock the stage with LBV Blue!

To Brighten up somebody’s day: LBV Yellow

Yellow is considered to be the friendliest colour. People tend to connect with bright things and colours, Likewise, wearing such colour creates an impression of being approachable and cheerful. If you have recently joined an organization and want to connect and make a good impression on your colleagues, LBV Yellow is your colour!

To Conquer the World: Red

Red is the colour of passion, power and aggressiveness, be it cherry red, cinnamon red or maroon. We often associate this colour with love, hearts, anger, sign to stop. When going to crack a deal or to negotiate, red will empower you with boldness and control. So, whatever comes your way, welcome it with a LBV Red Dress!

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