5 Scenarios to Suit Up Out of Office

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Last month, I faced my clothing demeanour in a wardrobe rut. It was the most humid and warm season and I had to present myself formally and elegantly for my friend’s cocktail party. I opened my wardrobe and gazed across to find something to wear for the occasion. That’s indeed the most awful moment when you don’t find what you are looking for. Impassive by every dress I tried on, ogling the wardrobe in abyss, I wore my old denims and top and went out for a hunt.

With despair of not finding anything that might pump up my energy and look, I was scrolling Instagram up and down, when an office colleague just uploaded a photo in Blazer and a Dress, which caught my eyes. That was the very need of an hour. It was a peplum black dress paired with a white blazer. Gathering the eagerness to know about it, I messaged her without any hesitation and she delightfully praised and told me about the brand of that attire. Putting my thoughts in prudence, I started hunting my dress for the D-Day.

This might be the situation with every woman in a day to day life and occasions. Without any remorse of turning up like a pumpkin in that situation, pre-decide your wardrobe and avoid malfunction. Here are Five scenarios where you can swagger around your new good-to-go attire and be the show-stopper.

Scenario 1: Casual Friday Evening

As you are tightly buttoned up whole working week and Friday is coming up soon, you may look for every clothing option to wear that is readily available in your closet. Something that can be carried whole day long at work and then a little add-on and some touch-up in the evening can add essence to your look.

Scenario 2: Kid’s Annual Function

Last time, when you bumped in with your kid’s mom at a grocery store, you were probably in your Pjs and loose fitted t-shirt and she gave that pettiest look of all. There is an Annual Function coming up this weekend, so ditch your jegging pants and rolled up sleeve tunic and show her that you ‘Live By Verve’ and stand-out in an effortlessly elegant look.

Scenario 3: Date Night with Bae

Your Partner called in the afternoon to have a dinner date at some fancy restaurant. It’s time to think how to groom yourself for an evening date with the same clothes you have been wearing throughout the day at office.

Pair up your dress with a Casual LBV Blazer and some minimal makeup to woo your partner with that chic look.

Scenario 4: Reunion Brunch with BFFs

After so many years past college, it’s time to reunite with your college BFFs that’s been planned for years. Let them know that you are not now an old school geek, by wearing what you wore in college time. Ditch the jeans and crop top, team up with a pastel-colored LBV Dress with an elegant Blazer from LBV collection to accentuate that feminine silhouette.

Scenario 5: Your Blazer, Your Ultimate Armour

There is a particular reason why Blazer counts in as an Ultimate Armour and completes a Power Dress. There might be several occasions that a blazer will come to your rescue, be it dinner date or brunches, client meetings or a presentation at office, this is the very piece of your attire that completes the look in a jiffy. It gives you a sense of confidence in whatever you do and lifts your spirit high up.

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