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    Elessi Knit Coats £39.00

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  • Button Bias Peplum Dress (Short Sleeve) £130.00

    This is a suave one-piece dress that gives a look of a perfect two-piece dress with a slim and luxurious feeling. The dress is a combination of Dark navy color with a bright ivory color scheme with an eye-catching appearance, capturing a soft and elegant atmosphere. The colored line gives a look of a belt, accentuating the waist tightly. Fabric elasticity helps in giving a great shape to the body.

  • Vivid Wing Kara Formal Jacket £130.00

    This graceful feminine Jacket is a “must-have” for your wardrobe. It can be worn both casually and as workwear combined with a skirt or trousers/jeans. It comes with a lightweight fabric, and flows along the body, helping in accentuating the waistline. Thin shoulder pads have been added, giving a look of a narrow shoulder line. The jacket comes with the on-button closing line with a simple yet elegant look.

  • Fantasy Flower Silky Spandex Dress £130.00

    This classy dress is made with stretchable fabric which forms a wrap style design at the neckline giving a slender look to the upper bodyline. The dress is draped in a wrap style under the bust giving a slender look and effortless finesse to the silhouette.

    Recommended to wear with seamless underwear due to the thinness of the fabric.

    Made in a single layer without lining. Since this dress is so sleek and elegant, you can accessorize it at your leisure.

  • Elysee Ruffle Blouse £64.00

    Eye-catching classically elegant ruffle blouse, with a pretty neckline, which gives your neck a bit of slack.
    The neckline has three gold ball buttons positioned diagonally which adds a decorative luxury look. The cuffs are decorated in the same way as the gold ball buttons.

  • Kashionkara Incision Jacket £130.00

    This chic peplum Jacket is an absolute classic charm to wear. It comes with a flattering double peplum that falls gracefully forming a beautiful silhouette. You can keep the jacket open or closed with the hidden hook decoration.
    Perfect for wearing over occasion dresses or more casual tops and blouses.

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